Soccer Tactics and Strategies

Soccer Tactics and Strategies

Outwit Your Opponents With the

Modern Day Tactics of the Pro's

Gain an additional edge over your opponents by understanding the power of tactics

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Here is what you will gain from this guide:

  • Learn how to get better results from attacking and defending free kicks
  • How to generate creativity and create more goal scoring chances
  • Learn how Jurgen Klopp presses and attacks at speed
  • Tactics to play with inverted fullbacks
  • How to draw the opponents defense to one side and then attack the other
  • The importance of defensive cover in midfield
  • Why being flexible is better than having fixed positions

Soccer Tactics and Strategies, provides the perfect pathway to giving you new tactical ideas.  This eBook covers key concepts of the latest modern day tactics which will give you the all important edge over your opponents.


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