Soccer Intelligence

Soccer Intelligence

Discover how to give your youth players soccer intelligence along with improvements in technique and stamina and avoid the costly mistakes most coaches make

The blueprint to smarter youth soccer training has arrived! Soccer Intelligence, Developing the Tactical Decision Maker provides a complete guide on how to give young players the training they need to be able to make fast, accurate decisions and keep possession better. This book explains how you can overcome the mistakes most youth coaches make by helping young players to develop the soccer brain to partner improvements in technique

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Many youth coaches make the same mistake: They pursue short-term goals over long term development. Too often the focus is on technique and conditioning rather than on developing the soccer brain players need to achieve their potential. Whilst players may emerge from the foundation stage of their training physically fit and with good ball skills, they often lack the intelligence then need to solve problems, anticipate the flow of the game and make the right decisions on where to play the ball. The result is players with good ball control but without the soccer brain to use the ball wisely.  

Soccer Intelligence, Developing the Tactical Decision Maker provides a blueprint for improving how players should be coached at youth level. It explains how they can be trained to develop the skills in their brain as well as those in their feet. Topics covered include the five aspects of a youth player’s learning process, the mindset needed to play each position effectively and how to run training sessions that develop soccer intelligence. In addition, Soccer Intelligence is packed with drills and training exercises that will put theory into practice, and make improvements to your players’ decision making and smarter teamwork.

Helping young players to develop smart soccer brains is one of the hardest challenges coaches face. But it’s just as vital to a player’s development as technique or stamina. Soccer Intelligence demonstrates how to do it, with a blueprint that could revolutionize how you coach youth players at your club.

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