Soccer Drills and Small-Sided Games

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Soccer Drills and Small-Sided Games

Don't Let Your Training Sessions Get Stale

Give Them Plenty of Variety with These Small-Sided Games

Players hate doing the same drills week after week and season after season. Motivate your players and energize your training sessions by adding new drills and small-sided games that your players will love.

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Here is what you will gain from this guide:

  • A 5v4 defending small-sided game
  • Drills to improve attacking in the final fourth of the field
  • Possession drills that will improve the first touch, quick passing and decision making
  • Small-sided games that can easily be adapted to work on defending or attacking
  • Drills to work on switching the point of attack and midfield/forward combination play
  • Set up your training sessions to work on transition play

All of the drills feature detailed diagrams, setup instructions and progressions. So you have everything you need to run sessions that challenge every player, whether you coach youth teams or elite squads. This includes small drills for groups of pairs in 10 x 10 meter grids up to drills that get more players involved and take up an entire half of the pitch.


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