Smedleys Drills Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4

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Smedleys Drills Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4

Smedley’s Drills is a four volume set loaded with page after page of custom designed drills. Everything is covered, whether it’s fast paced dribbling, passing shapes, finishing accuracy or even goalkeeping. With nearly 700 pages and over 600 drills, this is the ONLY coaching guide you may ever need!

Keeping players motivated is never easy. They get bored fast, particularly if you’re setting up the same drills they’ve done before. So it’s vital to have fresh drills each and every week to keep enthusiasm high and to create challenging sessions that create big improvements.

Smedley, also known as Don Herlan, has devised, honed and recorded a personal collection of over 600 drills and training exercises. Better yet, he’s agreed to share them with you. Spread across four volumes, Smedley’s Drills covers everything, from goalkeeping to heading to small sided games and more.

Smedley’s Drills is the author’s life’s work and passion. Don Herlan first started his collection with paper and pen, before upgrading to computer design software. His first program came on a floppy disk - that’s how long he’s been creating drills for!

Since then Herlan has progressed to using World Class Coaching’s very own Session Designer to create his drills, with plans that are quick to create and easy to understand. What’s more, every drill comes complete with setup instructions, procedures for running the drill, coaching points, teaching tips and progressions for raising the challenge for players.

Don Herlan has been coaching at the collegiate level since he hung up his boots as a player. He was also a lecturer in the Department of Health, Athletic Training, Recreation and Kinesiology of Longwood University from 2005-201.

Herlon holds a Bachelor's in Management Science, a Bachelor's in Exercise Science and a Master's in Exercise Physiology. His coaching qualifications include a USSF 'C' License and he is a fully enrolled member of the NSCAA.

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