Smedleys Defending 20

Smedleys Defending 20

Discover the Twenty Commandments of Defensive Coaching that Will Make Your Backline More Disciplined and Determined and Gain More Clean Sheets as a Result.

You won't find many coaching guides like this! Smedley's Twenty provides a complete set of guiding principles for all defenses to play by. Featuring a unique combination of coaching war stories, defensive strategies and drills for each command, Smedley's Twenty is a blueprint that can transform a shaky defense into a rock solid wall.

Do you wish you had a simple way of commanding your defenders? A way of instantly telling them what they are doing wrong, whether they are out of position and what they need to do to protect the goal? Well, Smedley's Twenty provides you with exactly 20 ways of doing it.

Smedley's Twenty features a complete set of commands for your defenders to memorize and play by. These are all rules honed over three decades of coaching experience that will make defenders more disciplined, determined and able to play as a cohesive unit. Its author Don Herlan, a coach with over 25 years experience, provides the twenty rules he coached to his own sides and the commands he used to guide them to create defensive records that still stand today.

If you want defenders that always pressure the ball, that tackle hard and know how to prevent shots on goal, Smedley's Twenty is the perfect guide on how to do it. It gives you both the strategy, drills and the commands to improve your defense’s performance. Best of all, you get to read some of Herlan's war stories too. Making it an engaging read to boot.

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