Session For Maximizing Touches of the Ball

By Matt Carroll -

This drill is designed to teach players balance and dribbling ability by maximizing the amount of touches a player will get during the drill and giving them a defined target of control in the shape of Paint or floor lines.

Setup: Every player gets a ball and sets up somewhere on a line on the field. This drill works best on smaller fields, fields lined for multiple sports, or in a gym with the multiple lines for a basketball court. Players can face in any direction and line up anywhere on the field.

Once the coach activates the drill players must attempt to keep the ball on the line and continuously dribble. They should be instructed to keep their heads up as well since they need to see where other players are on the field and if they are running out of room. If they come head to head with a player both players should look to change direction and this is where the coach can teach simple change of direction moves in order to avoid collisions.

Once players are comfortable with this another player can be added as a defender. The defenders job is to try to knock the players balls off the lines. Players on the ball should use head fakes, technical moves, and shielding in order to both protect their ball, and keep it on the line.

You can add additional lines into the game, or create certain free spaces where the lines don’t apply, you can also add a “sharks vs. minnows” element where if the player dribbles their ball off the line or the defender knocks it off they become a defender.

By Matt Carroll

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