Receive on the Half Turn Drill

By Matt Carroll -

This game is designed to encourage players to check their shoulders while receiving on the half-turn and then recognize visual cues they are receiving. The game starts with a grid and one player at each corner. Two players should then be lined up about 3 yards behind them.

The drill starts with a pass from one player in one of the corners to another. After the player passes they follow their pass and move to the end of the line at the corner they passed to.

The receiving player should check their shoulder twice. Once before the pass is played, and then again while the ball is in flight. What they should be looking for in this drill is the next player in line should be holding up a number of fingers from 0-5. The receiving player should call out the number of fingers the player is holding, then receive the ball on the half turn and play to the next grid.

To make the game more realistic the visual cue can direct the player. Players should cut the numbers played to 1 or 2 (or you can do odds or evens to up the difficulty). If the number is 1 they should continue to play to the next player, if it is 2 they should play back to the direction where the ball originally came from.

By Matt Carroll

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