Progressive Training in Grids

Progressive Training in Grids

Maximize grid training time and gain greater improvements from every training session by harnessing the revolutionary concept of 'morphing'

The solution to wasting training time has arrived! No longer will you have to sap precious minutes setting up new drills because Progressive Soccer Training in Grids shows you exactly how to run an entire training session in a single gird. What’s more, this book provides a complete set of progressive small-sided games for improving passing, shooting, transition play and much more in a single session from start to finish

Do you waste a lot of time in training setting up grid drills? Do your players stand around getting bored while you reconfigure the practice area, when all they want to do is play? Well, now you can say goodbye to wasted time and bored players because Progressive Soccer Training in Grids provides a complete guide to getting more out of every session by using a single grid to transform one exercise to the next revolving around your training theme for that day, without changing that grid, but still using multiple progressive small sided games and drills in a single training session. This new concept harnesses progressive small sided games and drills in a single grid to minimize setup time while maximizing the time your players can practice, leading to quicker improvement in every session.

Progressive Soccer Training in Grids is a unique coaching guide focused on this new approach to training. It shows you how to organize an entire session using a single grid and how to run a sequence of drills that morph into each other. This saves valuable minutes that are normally wasted every training session and enables you to maintain a high level of intensity from start to finish.

What’s more Progressive Soccer Training in Grids shows you how to reconfigure training based on a single training theme. Instead of jumping from shooting to possession to transition play, this book is organized to enable you to quickly switch from one drill to another and focus on a specific skill for the entire session. This means you only need to decide what to work on, open the relevant chapter and follow the sequence of small-sided games and drills from the start to a finish of a training session.

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