Players Roles in the 4-4-2

Players Roles in the 4-4-2

Players Roles and Responsibilities in the 4 - 4 -  2: Attacking and Defending Combo provides an in depth description of how to train your team to attack and defend using this formation. The 4 - 4 - 2 is the most commonly used formation throughout the world. This book will help you teach your players to defend better individually and as a team.

The book begins with sessions that train players to attack and defend individually and then in groups. The sessions build from working with individual attackers and defenders and progress to small groups. These practices lead to working in 11 v 11 scenarios to ensure that each player understands their responsibilities within the team.

The sessions begin as unopposed exercises to allow you to focus on the key factors necessary for effective play. As the players gain confidence opponents are added to increase the challenge. Functional training and phase of play exercises put the players in specific game situations so that they can practice their reaction to every circumstance they will face in the game. Many small-sided games are also included to allow the players see those situations in a game environment. This progressive training method will allow the players to take the principles they learn in practice and apply them on game day.

These book are authored by Wayne Harrison of Soccer Awareness. Harrison has a wealth of knowledge at the highest levels of the game both as a professional player and professional coach. A former Academy Director at Blackpool F.C. in the English Championship League, he is a best-selling author who currently has nine coaching books to his name. Harrison holds the prestigious UEFA 'A' license, as well as a Bachelors degree in Applied Physiology and Sports Psychology. He also presents at coaching symposiums worldwide including the NSCAA Convention, the World Class Coaching International Seminar; and many state symposiums throughout the United States.

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