One-Setup Training Sessions

One-Setup Training Sessions

One-Setup Training Sessions gives you complete sessions all built around ONE setup diagram! With the same setup of cones and goals for each drill, you can rapidly transition from one drill to the next, giving you more time to coach and players more time to practice.

Do you find there’s never enough time in training? That too much time is wasted setting up drills, which eat up 5, 10 or even 15 minutes of time that could be better spent practicing? Well, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

One-Setup Training Sessions 95 exercises for complete soccer training, features a collection of complete training sessions divided into four stages. Each session begins with a warmup before transitioning to two technical drills and ending with a small sided game. The beauty of the concept is that only ONE setup is needed. This saves valuable minutes and keeps players active the entire session, instead of waiting for each drill to be setup.

One-Setup Training Sessions frees you to run training with a minimum of fuss and maximum time on the ball. What’s more, players will love how the drills build in intensity with the finale of a small sided game at the end.

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