Discover How to Coach, Counter and Use the Offside Rule to Your Advantage from a World Class Coaching Expert

This eBook tells you everything you need to know about coaching the offside rule, both defensively and in attack. You will discover how to use it to immediately to end threats when other teams try to use it to their benefit and how to win more goal scoring opportunities of your own

As many frustrated soccer managers will tell you, the offside rule is arguably the most controversial and contentious rules in the game. Rule number 11 causes more arguments, unfavorable decisions and costly score lines than any other rule.

Consequently, the world’s leading soccer coaches always train their teams how to use the offside rule to their advantage. It can be used both to immediately end attacking threats through smart defensive strategies and to teach wily attackers how to outwit the offside trap and find themselves in goal scoring positions.

Drawing on his coaching experience at clubs including Manchester United, Everton and the Welsh national side, David Williams shares his expert insight and explains exactly how coaches can counter the offside rule and how to use it to outwit defenses.

The eBook is ideal for coaches of recreational teams wishing to improve their understanding of the offside rule right through to coaches at a professional level that want to improve their tactical awareness and soccer coaching sessions.

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