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Coaching the 4-3-3 Videos

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4-3-3 Attacking Video 1 - Warm-Up and Possession

In the first video, Waldrum starts with some passing warm-up drills that get players using the full width of the pitch to open up space and to speed up the pace of the game. When attacking with a 4-3-3 the aim is to always keep pushing up the field, which is a key aspect Waldrum emphasizes throughout the video.

4-3-3 Attacking Video 2 - Using Width and Pressing

Waldrum demonstrates how to utilize double pass movements in 2 v 1 situations on the flanks. This video also shows you how to keep pressing defenders with the 4-3-3 and how to open up the opposition’s defense so you can get the ball to your attackers.

4-3-3 Attacking Video 3 - Getting the Ball Into the Box

These drills show you how to coach teams on getting the ball into the box with a 4-3-3. Waldrum also explains why he uses a layered, rather than a flat, midfield and why it is advantageous over playing in traditional lines.

4-3-3 Attacking Video 4 - Getting the Ball Behind the Opposition Defense

In this video, Waldrum utilizes drills further up the field to demonstrate how to get the ball behind the opposition’s back line. Waldrum then explains how to exploit the 4-3-3’s number advantage in the attack to swamp and break the opposition’s back line.

4-3-3 Attacking Video 5 - Responding to the Opposition's Tactics

Waldrum demonstrates how to beat opposing defenders, whether they are playing wide or loose on the wing. He also explains how to play different forward formations depending on what the opposition does and their defensive ability. Waldrum also shows you how to tweak your team’s shape with wingers in response to how the opposition’s defense reacts.

4-3-3 Attacking Video 6 - The Importance of a Supporting Position

In the final attacking video, Waldrum emphasizes the importance of players being in their teammate’s line of vision and how to avoid leaving players on the ball stranded.

4-3-3 Defending Video 1 - The Flat Back Four

The focus now shifts to defense with a 4v4 warm-up drill that helps players practice keeping their shape as a flat back four. He then progresses to drills focused on cutting the opponent’s attacking line, and pushing them back with a staggered defense. Pressure, cover and balancing players are the key themes of this video.

4-3-3 Defending Video 2 - Defending the Full Width

Waldrum demonstrates how to defend the whole width of the midfield with a 4-3-3, and how to swing the ball from side to side to test how the opposition reacts. You can then decide how to break their attacking line, either by passing or dribbling.

4-3-3 Defending Video 3 - Squeezing the Opponents Midfield

In this video you can watch how to squeeze their attacking midfield. Using his favored check mark shape, Waldrum explains how to read the opposition and how to shift your midfield so you can cope with their wide players with a three man midfield.

4-3-3 Defending Video 4 - Spacing and the Holding Midfielder

This video focuses on your defensive back four, and how to keep spacing right to deal with the opposition’s attacks. Waldrum also explains how to use a free holding player to screen the back four and prevent opposition passes to their forwards.

4-3-3 Defending Video 5 - The Staggered Defensive Formation

Waldrum demonstrates what to do when they play the ball wide and when centre backs should stop pushing forwards on the counter attack, but instead hold position. In this video, Waldrum also explains how to use a holding player and two high midfielders in his favored defensive staggered formation.

4-3-3 Defending Video 6 - Switching to a 4-5-1

In the final video, Waldrum highlights how to defend properly against players in a lot of space. He also highlights how to switch to a 4-5-1, by dropping wingers to be defensive midfielders. Finally, Waldrum explains how to deal with opposing counter attacks when you don’t have time to shift formation while still preventing the opposition from swamping the midfield.