FineSoccer Coaching Bible

An all-in-one coaching program packed with innovative training techniques taught by youth soccer coaching expert Lawrence Fine.

Building From the Back - Part One

Maintaining possession in defensive third and building up to an attacking situation takes lots of practice and game-situation training. This first video shows functional practices that will help your goalkeeper and back four defenders to develop their situational awareness and feel comfortable maintaining possession in the back third of the field.

Building From the Back - Part Two

This video progresses from Part 1 and adds center midfielders, showing the best ways they can link up with the defenders to provide outlet options.

Building From the Back - Part Three

Further progressions are shown in this video with the addition of forwards.

Creating Space to Score - Part One

The first video in this series shows a number of drills to teach forwards how to turn with the ball quickly and safely. It also introduce the technique of "checking" away before moving to receive the ball into the space they’ve created.

Creating Space to Score - Part Two

Double movements to create space and lose defenders are introduced as well as passes into space.

Creating Space to Score - Part Three

In this video, the double-pass is explained and the importance of playing off the back foot.

Creating Space to Score - Part Four

A third player is now introduced to put the earlier techniques into the early stages of combination play.

Creating Space to Score - Part Five

This video progresses the earlier techniques into a functional game with pressure from defenders. Communication and "cues" are now important so that players know when and were they should pass the ball.

Creating Space to Score - Part Six

The functional practice is now progressed to include more players and goal scoring opportunities.

Creating Space to Score - Part Seven

The final progression adds a target player. Players are now creating space for themselves and their teammates, while looking for cues and communicating with each other to determine when and where to pass.

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