False 9

A look at the role of the "False 9" and "Withdrawn Forward"

[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]Cruyff[/text_bar_1]
[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]Eriksen[/text_bar_1]
[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]Fabregas[/text_bar_1]
[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]Messi[/text_bar_1]

[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]Body Shape and Movement[/text_bar_1]

[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]Dribbling Techniques[/text_bar_1]
[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]Explosive Actions[/text_bar_1]
[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]First Touch[/text_bar_1]
[text_bar_1 background="#105425" + width="97%"]Striking the Ball[/text_bar_1]

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