Modern Soccer Coaching Vol 1&2

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Modern Soccer Coaching Vol 1&2

Expand your coaching knowledge and reinvigorate training sessions with the vast range of drills and exercises in the two part Modern Soccer Coaching compendium series.
Wow, what a collection! The Modern Soccer Coaching technical and tactical books covers over 250 pages of drills, articles and sessions used by elite clubs and coaches from around the world. Discover how AC Milan trains individual technique, how Athletico Madrid drills its players in creating space, how Liverpool’s academy players practice playing wide and much, much more.

Are you struggling for inspiration on the training pitch? Would you like to find a way to bring yourself up to date on some of the latest training techniques and methodologies? Modern Soccer Coaching is a two part book series comprising of a treasure trove of drills and exercises used by some of the world’s top teams and elite coaches.

Split into Modern Soccer Coaching Technical and Modern Soccer Coaching Tactical, the books feature an extensive array of drills and exercises that cover all areas of modern coaching. This includes drills and exercises used by Manchester United, Liverpool and AC Milan, along with insights from the game’s most innovative coaches, including Jose Mourinho, Wayne Harrison and Scott Moody.

Now you can discover for yourself how the world’s elite teams train to improve performance in multiple areas. Over 250 pages packed with drills, exercises and insightful articles, this two part compendium series is an opportunity to bring your coaching knowledge up to date and to discover the latest techniques for improving technical and tactical performance.

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