Modern Combination Play

Modern Combination Play

In modern soccer there is a great deal of emphasis on organization and defending as a team. This has made it very difficult to break down the opposition and create goal scoring opportunities through individual efforts. This book focuses on the key principles of passing, receiving and possession which will enable you to break down the opposing team, individually and as a team to create goal scoring opportunities while playing attacking, attractive, free flowing soccer.

Modern Combination Play includes more than 80 drills, exercises and small-sided games to train your players to work together. Each one includes a detailed diagram and a complete description. The descriptions contain the organization, coaching points and progressive exercises for each practice.

The 11 chapters begin with technical topics and gradually progress to group games. The chapters include: Basic Receiving Technique Drills, Myself, a Ball and a Wall, Passing and Awareness, Opening Out and Switching Play, Changing Your First Touch, Passing Combinations, Possessing Under Pressure, Quick Movement and Awareness and Possession Games. Within each chapter there is also a progression that allows the players to move from simple movements without opposition to more complicated combinations that includes the pressure of an opponent.

Including the methods from Modern Combination Play into your training sessions will take your team to the next level.

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