Modern Attacking & Goalscoring

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Modern Attacking & Goalscoring

Discover how to transform your team into a goalscoring machine with 100 drills, exercises and small sided games focused on the art and science of scoring goals.
Finally, a book focused on what players love best: Scoring goals! This book is packed with 100 drills that will improve your players’ ability to run onto balls, to control the ball with a crisp first touch and to develop the killer instinct on goal. Modern Attacking & Goalscoring provides you with all the drills you need to get more goals on the scoreboard and points on the league table.

Do your players ever lack confidence in front of goal? Do they suffer from a poor first touch or lack accuracy when they shoot, would you like your team to score more goals?

Well, worry no longer because Modern Attacking & Goalscoring is a book dedicated to the art and science of goalscoring. It contains 100 drills, exercises and small sided games to develop the ability, mindset and confidence your players need to score more frequently.

Co-written by Liverpool FC academy coach, Phil Roscoe, every drill is accompanied by a detailed diagram, coaching points and progressions to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from every exercise. The drills are also carefully structured to cover all aspects of goalscoring and to replicate the pressure of real game situations.

Whether it’s training your players in overlaps and underlaps, finishing from rebounds or team based finishing games, Modern Attacking & Goalscoring is packed with drills you can use to make training more enjoyable, and to transform your team into a goalscoring machine.

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