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Well, I've posted a couple of topics over the last week or so about Liverpool going through a tough time.  One of the issues was needing a new owner with enough money to keep up with Man U, Man City, Chelsea, etc.  Turns out that just a couple of days after my latest post, Liverpool do indeed have a new owner.  I am somewhat restrained though.  I'm not sure if this new owner has really BIG money that he can throw around in the transfer market.  Time will tell though.

So enough about Liverpool and onto a shameless plug about our annual coaching seminar.  We are again partnering with John Walker and his Nebraska Coaches Clinic.  So the seminar will take place at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln on February 11-12.

From all of the things we do at WORLD CLASS COACHING (books, DVDs, magazines, journals, etc.), our International Coaching Seminars get more positive feedback than all of them.  We held our first seminar in 2000 in Connecticut with clinicians from Liverpool, Man U and Leeds.  We then moved the seminars to our home town, Kansas City and the first clinicians were Howard Wilkinson and Les Reed.

Over the years clinicians have included, Anson Dorrance, Tony DiCicco, Craig Brown, David Platt, Jan Pruijn, Frans Hoek, Mauricio Marques, David Williams, Randy Waldrum and others.

I am really excited about the clinicians we have lined up for this seminar.  Jan Pruijn, from Holland has been the head coach at the top level in the Eridivisie with NEC Nijmegen, where he made their Cup Final one year beating Ajax in the semi final.  He was then head of AJAX International Player Development and is now with AJAX Cape Town.  Jan will do three sessions specifically sharing Dutch Coaching Methods.

Jimmy Gilligan has coached in the English Premier League and Championship with the pros and youth players.  He has had spells at Nottingham Forest, Watford and Wimbledon and recently as a scout for the England U21 National Team.

Other clinicians Sean Holmes who coached Drake to the Elite Eight last season, Husker head coach, John Walker and Husker GK coach, Rebecca Hornbacher.

If you haven't attended one of our seminars before, here is how the day goes.  Every hour we have a clinician conduct a field session of about 50 minutes followed by about 5 minutes of Q&A.  We have a couple of 15 minute breaks during the day and an hour for lunch.  Breakfast and lunch are provided at no cost again this year.  Attendees basically take a seat, enjoy the sessions and take notes.  However, we do provide the clinicians notes prior at the beginning of the seminar and publish a journal of the session notes that we give to the attendees free a couple of weeks after the seminar.  There are some vendors at the seminar although fewer now that we are in Lincoln, NE.

Overall, it is a great weekend that I really look forward to and attendees seem to really enjoy and get a lot out of.

Okay, plug over.  Have a great weekend on and off the field.

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