How To Maintain Possession From a Throw-In

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on throw ins and maintaining possession.

The ball goes out of play and your team takes a throw in.  The idea here is your team should either be trying to get behind the defense with a quick throw in (if available) or, they should try to maintain possession of the ball.  Too often, if the first option isn’t available, then the second option seems to be “give the ball to the other team”.  Here is a simple activity to work on keeping possession of the ball with a throw in.

Start with a player with a ball over the sidelines.  Have another player start 10 yards away.

The player without the ball sprints away 10 yards then checks back to the player with the ball.


As the player is checking back, the player with the ball throws the ball to his FEET (a legal soccer throw in).

The receiving player one touches the ball back to the thrower who has stepped onto the field.

This is done 10 times and then the players switch roles.  The big emphasis is making sure the ball is played to feet and making sure the thrower uses proper technique.

Next, do the same thing but this time, add a defender so the runner has to create space for himself and then when when checking back, will have pressure while receiving the throw and playing it back one touch.

This is a very effective way to maintain possession on throw ins because in most cases, the player throwing the ball in will be unmarked.

Have a great day!


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