Goalie Death Star Game

By Matt Carroll -

Create a large rondo, size will vary depending on number of players. Inside the rondo create a diamond of coaching sticks. Place 1-2 goalies inside the diamond and 2-6 balls with the players outside the rondo.

The drill starts with the players moving the multiple balls around the rondo. Goalies should work on their footwork and vision to track as many balls as possible. The goal of the players in the rondo is to pass a ball that breaks two lines of the coaching sticks and comes out on the other end to a player. If the pass is completed the rondo team gets a point. Passes above the shinguard do not count.

If the player attempts a pass through the diamond and it is deflected (i.e. a foot save) neither team receives a point and the ball just goes back into play. If the goalie is able to save and secure the ball then goalies get 5 points and the passer must do 5 pushups. The team with the most points at the end of allotted time wins

● Bonuses can be added for splitting both goalkeepers or how many balls can pass through the gate at once to increase difficulty for the goalkeepers
● Players can be given more room to roam from the rondo to make it more difficult for goalies by making some saves from range and some from close up
● The diamond can be made bigger or smaller to increase difficulty

By Matt Carroll

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