Frank Lampard Finishing Drill

By Matt Carroll -

This drill can be used to teach the principles behind set pieces such as delayed runs, cutting across the defender, and proper heading technique in a set pieces scenario.

Three cones should be set up about 10 feet apart and 15 feet from the top of the 18, then three cones across from them on the 18. Players should line up at the far cones in a line and one player should line up at each cone on the 18. Goalie should be set on their line, and a crosser (or two) should be set at one of the corner flags. All the balls should be with the crosser.

The crosser signals the start of the drill with a clap (or whatever signal the team uses to start a corner play) and the three attacking players start to get into the box to receive the cross. At this point coaches should be directing the concepts they want their players to understand when making their runs into the play for corners or set pieces. The defenders attempt to clear the ball out of the 18 and the attackers attempt to score. Point values can be assigned to a variety of outcomes to make the game itself more competitive.

After the ball leaves the 18, and whatever point values/consequence has been applied, the defending players go to the end of the line, the attacking players become the defenders, and the next player in line steps up to the attacking cones.

● Number of players involved can be added/decreased (2,4, etc,)
● Numeric imbalances can be created to increase or decrease difficulty
● Balls can be delivered from corners or various set piece positions

By Matt Carroll

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