Find a Way to Win

Find a Way to Win

Learn insights from the powerful simplicity of the Dutch Coaching Methods.

Business consultant Dan Coughlin spent four months studying the coaching approaches of Terry Michler, America's all-time winningest soccer coach and a practitioner of the Dutch Coaching Methods. He wanted to uncover Michler's methods for creating extraordinary group performances year after year. In 39 seasons Terry Michler's CBC High School soccer team has won over 800 games, six state championships, and six state runner-up trophies. He has been named National Coach of the Year by the NSCAA.

Terry Michler's coaching approaches are based in large part on the Dutch Coaching Methods, which he learned from his nine trips to Holland.

Coughlin interviewed Terry Michler's former players, opposing coaches, assistant coach, mentors from Holland, and proteges to increase his understanding of Michler's proven approach to building championship teams. Coughlin then converted Terry Michler's ideas into management insights for improving group performances inside businesses.

"Find a Way to Win" is packed with winning strategies that have worked for Terry Michler in soccer and will serve as a compass for business managers who dream of building first-class businesses. I know Terry well, and I know this book will give every reader value in which way to go. Study it carefully!"
- Jan Pruijn, Head of Technical, AJAX Capetown, Director, Soccer Active

Find a Way to Win is about achieving team excellence in soccer and in business.

In soccer, giving your team direction and motivation is one of the most important roles of the coach.

In business, organizations don?t achieve results and neither do individuals. All business results are accomplished through group performances.

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