False 9

False 9

Unlock the secrets of 'The False 9' and replicate the playing style of elite attacking teams with a star player able to create more goal scoring opportunities in and around the box

Finally, the secrets of the false 9 are revealed in this great new book! The False 9 is a unique book focused on revealing the tactics and techniques needed to develop a withdrawn forward in your side. Discover how to create your own Cruyff, Messi or Fabregas with insights and training sessions focused on developing a superstar player in this unique position

(Includes NINE free analysis videos taking a look at how Messi, Fabregas, Eriksen and others all play the role of the withdrawn forward)

Spectators and coaches alike can only marvel as Messi bursts through from nowhere to score or Fabregas finds that magic pass to unlock defenses. Whilst both players undoubtedly possess exceptional natural talents, it is also the system built around them that allows them to play this way. Now you can discover how to create the system to play a withdrawn superstar forward in your own team in The False 9.

This book covers everything you need for developing a highly effective withdrawn forward in your team. From how elite teams utilize it through to an analysis of star players in this position along with training sessions focused on developing the position, everything is covered on how to develop the false 9.

So if you’ve ever watched in awe as Messi, Fabregas and other superstar withdrawn forwards create goal scoring opportunities in abundance, now you can discover how to create this position in your own team in this special book. 

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