Dutch Total Football

Dutch Total Football

Part coaching manual and part love letter to the Dutch vision of soccer, you need never read another book on the philosophy and coaching practices of Dutch soccer again!

Wow, now this is comprehensive! Weighing in at nearly 200 pages, Dutch 'Total Football' provides an in-depth guide to the history, philosophy and soccer drills that shape the Dutch vision of how soccer should be played. You will find a mountain of insights and coaching guidance you can use to coach your players in Holland’s aggressive, free flowing ‘Total Football’ style of soccer.

The Dutch are known throughout the world for their amazing technique, tactical awareness, passing and chemistry, where the players seem to have a mental bond and know exactly where to place the ball for one another. These qualities, evident in Dutch teams for decades, are no accident. The Dutch approach to soccer comes from a uniform philosophy, culture and training methodology that is utilized at a youth level through to seniors all over the country.

Part coaching manual part love letter to Dutch soccer, Dutch 'Total Football' provides a comprehensive analysis of all the elements that make Dutch soccer so special. This includes an in-depth look at Dutch culture, how soccer was transformed from its amateurish 1960s roots and a look at the 'Clockwork Orange' teams of the 1970s.

In addition, Dutch 'Total Football' is packed with over 120 pages of Dutch soccer drills, with detailed diagrams and clear explanations on how to gain the maximum benefit from every exercise. Whether you coach developing youth teams or players at the highest level, the background information on the Dutch ‘Total Football’ philosophy and training exercises make this book your ideal guide to learning from some of the most technically gifted players in the world today.

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