Dutch Drills For Total Team Training

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Dutch Drills For Total Team Training

Your Complete Coaching Guide to Playing like The Dutch Has Arrived! Improve your players' technique, passing and understanding of how to perform in the Dutch vision of how soccer should be played.

Finally, the complete Dutch drills manual is here! Dutch Drills for Total Team Training is packed with soccer drills and exercises that will train your team to pass, move and utilize the Dutch 4-3-3 to dominate opposition teams. If you've ever wanted to replicate what the Dutch players do on the practice pitch, now you can!

The Dutch are respected throughout the world for their exceptional technical and tactical abilities. Few teams pass as smoothly or intricately as the Dutch, while their aggressive 4-3-3 formation can often give them the tactical edge against teams unprepared for their free flowing, aggressive style of play.

The quality of Dutch players comes from their uniform training methods and technical skills that are honed from a young age. In fact, the KNVB Dutch National Federation recommends that teams, from youth to pro, adhere to the coveted Dutch 4-3-3 formation.

This book provides a complete coaching guide on how to train players in the Dutch model. Drawing on his own firsthand experience of coaching with FC Ajax and Vitesse Arnhem in Holland and passion for the Dutch style of play, author Robert Podeyn has put together an in-depth analysis of how to develop the beautiful Dutch game on the training pitch. This includes dynamic warm-up drills, Dutch fitness exercises and specific drills focused on particular positions which will make your players more effective in playing Holland's feared 4-3-3.

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