Conditioning Within a Small-Sided Game

Here is an interesting 3 v 2 exercise which, when done at full speed works on attacking, defending and a lot of fitness.

The game is on a 40 x 30 grid with full sized goals and a keeper in each goal.  One attacking player is at midfield with two defending players.  Two attacking players are on the end line.  There are players ready to take each players position.

One keeper starts with a ball and starts by rolling the ball into the targets feet.  The two other attackers join in and they go 3 v 2.

The attacking team is limited to 5 touches total so this is very much of a quick pass and shoot activity (if you want, start with a 7 touch limit).  If the defending team wins the ball they go to goal 2 v 3.

As soon as the ball goes out of play the first keeper gets another ball and all new players get on the field.  The attacking team is trying to score as many goals in a 2 minute period as possible (if the defending team scores the attacking team loses a point).  At the end of the 2 minute period the players switch responsibilities (attackers go to defenders and defenders go to attackers) and play resumes.

The key to this is it MUST be a fast moving game.  The coach needs to encourage the players to go faster and faster and when the ball a new ball is needed, it must be played FAST.

Is this an attacking exercise?  Yes

Is this a defending exercise?  Yes

Is this a transition exercise?  Yes

Done correctly this is also a GREAT conditioning exercises working with players on fitness speed of play and mental speed.

Give it a try and let me know what you think

Have a great day!


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