Come Off the Line Goalkeeper

By Danny Carvalho, 

This ability is a game changer. It separates the average GK from the outstanding GKs! Not only the ability but the decision making, the timing, the courage, the urgency and the acceleration.

Warm up
Have one GK in the six yard and another facing them at about 5 yards outside the box. Passing to each other back and forth until the player outside the box decides to dribble towards the goal. That’s the cue to the GK to come out and stop them. Because it’s a warm up, the player in the attacking role will let the GK win the play.

Progression: instead of dribble the ball, the attacker takes a big touch to a direction to have the GK run for a challenge.

Activity 1
In this next situation, the GK is going to perform the Sweeper Keeper role like Manuel Neuer did in the famous clash Germany x Algeria in the 2014 World Cup playoffs on the extra time.

Have three players positioned as wingers and a striker at about 30 to 40 yards from the goal. Coach on the ball, GK on the goal line. Coach is going to send a long ball on the space behind the defense towards one of the attackers. GK must be first to the ball.

Activity 2
GK on goal, two players coming one at a time from diagonal angles to work on 1v1s to come out the line. The GK starts facing the net. On the coach’s whistle, GK turns, and the attacker will already be running with the ball. This will make the GKs work on their speed of reaction.

Activity 3
To end with, we are going to work on the GK + last defender dynamic on a 2v1. On this one, the defender will be advised to cut the pass and force the attacker with the ball to challenge the GK. That’s when the GK is going to work on their coming out of the line ability.

By Danny Carvalho, DOC at Corinthians Campinas Youth Club,  Brasil

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