Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3

Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3

Discover How to Play the Dutch 4-3-3 and Utilize the Coveted Dutch 'Master Plan' to Improve the Technique, Personality, Speed and Insight of Your Players.

Wow, now this is comprehensive! This fascinating book covers in exhaustive detail everything you need to know about the Dutch soccer vision. Inside its pages you will discover how to adopt the same plan followed by every Dutch club to develop some of the world's most technically gifted and talented players. Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 shows you how to train your team to use the famous free flowing Dutch formation and how to literally pass the ball into the opposition's net.

The Dutch are renowned worldwide for the quality of their youth development programs. In fact, there are more home grown Dutch players playing abroad professionally than from any other country (including Brazil). This is even more astounding when you consider that Holland is about half the size of Arizona and has a youth population playing base that is 10% the size of that in the US. Put simply, when it comes to developing young players there is no country better to learn from than the Dutch.

Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3 provides a comprehensive guide to coaching players in the Dutch vision. This includes an in-depth analysis of the roles and responsibilities of players in every position when playing the 4-3-3 formation in the Dutch style, along with training drills and exercises used by Dutch coaches to improve the the technique, personality, speed and insight of their players.

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