Coaching Spanish Soccer

Coaching Spanish Soccer

Spain's victory at the World Cup and two European Championships in a row was no accident. Discover the players, tactics and culture that have made Spain today's dominant soccer nation.
Your complete guide to Spanish soccer has arrived! Coaching Spanish Soccer - The player development and training methodology that has made Spain the #1 Soccer Nation in the World tells you everything you need to know about Spain's rise to dominance. With an in-depth look at the players, formation and the infrastructure that created a golden era of success, this comprehensive book is the ultimate guide to unlocking the secrets to Spain's success and how you can apply them to your own team.

Spain won Euro 2008, the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012 in scintillating style. Favorites for every tournament, they steamrolled through the opposition thanks to their accurate passing, rapid pace and technical superiority. Such was their confidence that they even played games without a striker. But Spain's success is no surprise to anybody following their progress. It comes from two decades of gradual improvements in tactics, coaching and infrastructure. Spain now provides the blueprint for coaches at every level on how to develop a winning side.

Coaching Spanish Soccer is one of the most comprehensive books you will find on Spanish soccer. Along with profiling the players and tactics, the book's author, Jordi Pascual, digs deep into the foundations of why Spain has arisen from obscurity to dominate soccer on the global stage, at both club and national level.

From the adoption of Holland's concept of "Total Football" to the national team's to the grassroots coaching that continues to develop stars of the future, Coaching Spanish Soccer is your ultimate guide to adopting the most attractive, skilful and devastating style of soccer in the world today.

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