Coaching Soccer Through Small-Sided Games

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Coaching Soccer Through Small-Sided Games

One of the most important components of a training session is the 'small-sided game'. Whether it's a local youth team, college team or a top professional team, they all use small-sided games to help their players make the transition from drills and exercises to real game situations. It's this transition that translates skills and techniques from practice into your game on the weekend.

Coaching Soccer through Small-Sided Games contains 101 games that incorporate a wide range of topics including: Passing and Possession, Shooting, Crossing and Finishing, Defending, Half Field Games and Full Field Games. Small-sided games are a great way to focus on these topics in a game-like situation. Another benefit of incorporating small-sided games into your training sessions is that players enjoy them.

Many of the small-sided games in this book are taken from the last 10 years of the WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine and are from the training sessions of some of the world's top teams and coaches including: Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, U.S Women's World Cup Team, and from world-renowned coaches like Tony DiCicco and others make this book a must have for any serious soccer coach.

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