Coaching Soccer Tactics

Coaching Soccer Tactics

Coaching Soccer Tactics' presents a comprehensive, readable analysis of soccer tactics and how to use them effectively.

Its main aim is to provide the reader with a broad in-depth appreciation of the tactical side of the game.

The book covers:
- the best approaches to coaching tatics
- key principles of the game
- how to get the best from your players and what makes a good player
- defensive strategies, this includes; how and when to play zonally, doubling-up, the correct offside line
- attacking strategies, this includes; switching the ball, playing out from the back, passing options and creating space

Phil Wymer has researched the facts and developed the drills over 20 years of coaching in the UK, Australia and the USA. He is a teacher and FA qualified coach who works with professional academy players.

Phil has combined all this and more to produce 'Coaching Soccer Tactics'.

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