Coaching Possession with a Purpose Vol 2

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Coaching Possession with a Purpose Vol 2

The second volume of our Coaching Possession with a Purpose has arrived! This follow up gives you even more training drills for improving your team’s productivity in multiple scenarios. This time the drills are even more focused on linking midfield with the attack to create more goal attempts and wins on the scoresheet.

The game has wised up. Today’s clued in coaches know it’s not how much of the ball you have but what you do with it that counts. They’ve realized that chasing crazy high possession stats isn’t going to win you games. It’s playing with maximum productivity that will.

Coaching Possession with a Purpose Volume II expands on the first volume with highly focused drills that train your players to exploit the weaknesses of high possession sides and to make better use of the ball to mount attacks. It includes chapters on switching the play, executing ‘give and go’ combination plays, exploiting creative wing play and much more.

So if you want to join the coaches playing smarter rather than harder, get your copy of Coaching Possession with a Purpose Volume II and discover how even miserly possession can be turned into more balls in the net.

Carter has coached his own ‘Principles Based’ methodology on tactical soccer across Europe, America and Asia. His key specialty is youth development and establishing the right culture and environment in which young players can grow. He’s a strong believer in giving players the opportunity to solve real soccer problems, rather than rely on a dictated style of coaching, in order to grow.

Michael J Louter has spent his life studying soccer coaching. In particular, he specializes in soccer psychology and the technical and tactical components that need to be combined to build a successful team. Louter holds a USSF ‘A’ License and an NSCAA Premier Diploma. He is currently the Director of Coaching at FC Dallas and overseas the development of the U15-U19 team.

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