Coaching a Team to a National Championship

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Coaching a Team to a National Championship

How I Made Small Adjustments to our 
Style of Play and Tactics and Went on to

Win a National Championship

Learn how I started four 8 year old teams and over the years won 12 State Championships and a USYS National Championship. Discover the training methods that developed these players and helped them go on to play professionally and for the US U20 and U23 National Teams, win a D1 College National Championship and an U20 World Cup.


Here is what I share in this book:

  • Team History - How I started four teams with 7 and 8 year old players and what I taught them during the important developmental years that gave them a foundation to go on and play professionally, win a National Championship and a World Cup.
  • Team Culture and Chemistry - The methods I used to develop a strong team chemistry where the players motivated themselves and wanted to work harder than other teams.
  • The FIVE Keys to Winning a National Championship - We couldn't have won a National Championship if just one of these five keys were missing.
  • ​System of Play - An in-depth look at the system of play that changed if attacking or defending and why this formation made sense because of the make up of the players available.
  • Tactics and Style of Play - Why tactics at the top pro level are different than they are at the amateur, college or youth level, and how you can use this to gain a major advantage over your opponents.
  • Positional Roles and Responsibilities - A look at the role of each player in the formation and their responsibilities with and without the ball.
  • The National Championship Season - How the National Championship season unfolded, including the changes we made to our practice schedule, conditioning workouts and game schedule.
  • Strength, Speed and Agility Workouts - Why these workouts where more important than just getting stronger, faster and in better shape.
  • Training Sessions - All of the drills, exercises and training sessions we did during the National Championship season, including one type of training session that improved the team more than all the others combined.
  • Pre-Season Motivational Book - A copy of the short booklet I gave the players prior to the start of the season and why it proved to be a critical piece of the entire season.

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