Champions League Tactics

Champions League Tactics

Discover the tactics, methods and systems used by the world’s most talented coaches in one of the most demanding tournaments – The European Champions League.

Finally, it's here! Your guide to the best teams competing in Europe. Champions League Tactics combines UEFA stats, insightful quotes and an in-depth analysis of Europe's top coaches performing at the peak of their game. Only the very best teams in Europe can compete in The Champions League, and this book outlines the characteristics and tendencies of some of Europe’s greatest sides and how they compete to outwit each other to claim the coveted trophy.

There is arguably no bigger competition in world club football than The Champions League. In this revered contest, Europe's smartest tactical minds do battle to leverage every strategic advantage in their favor. It’s a competition in which different cultural approaches, systems and formations all meet  on the soccer field to decide which is the best, and the outcome is far from predictable.

In this special book, Champions League Tactics, author Michele Tossani provides an in-depth look at the tactical wizardry of some of the best coaches and clubs in Europe. This includes a detailed analysis of Barcelona’s evolution into one of Europe’s most dominant teams; Jurgen Klinsmann’s ‘experiment’ in harnessing the latest scientific approaches to transform Bayern Munich’s player development strategy and how Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez outwitted Madrid to claim The Champions League title in 2009.

Whether you're a student of the game or a coach training players at the highest level, Champions League Tactics will enable you to gain valuable insights from some of Europe's greatest tactical minds you can use to improve your own formations, strategies and understanding of the game.

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