Brazilian Training Games

Brazilian Training Games

Brazilians learn the game by playing the game. In many countries training sessions are focused around drills and exercises that isolate techniques and tactics. Brazilian coaches spend most of their time creating playing environments with small-sided games that put an emphasis on the specific areas of the game but also train the player 'globally'. Global Training is the idea that once individual techniques are taught, the players need to apply those techniques in realistic game situations that will train players technically, tactically, physically and mentally. Jos? Mourinho and Gus Hiddink are professional coaches that use this type of training at the highest level with great success. Brazilian players grow up with small-sided games as part of their individual development and team training sessions.

Incorporating these games into your training sessions will help you breakdown the game into realistic situations while focusing your players on competing and adding an element of fun to the practice that will increase their motivation to train and learn.

Author, Eduardo Andriatti Paulo, has coached professional youth clubs in Brazil including Ituano FC and Inter Club Korea. Paulo has also coached and lectured on the Brazilian Methodology in Guatemala, Canada, Bermuda, and many other countries. He is currently the Educational Director of BFUT Instituto Brasileiro de Futebol and coach with the Westfield Soccer Association and the Summit Soccer Association in New Jersey.

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