Brazilian Street Games to Develop Your GKs

By Danny Carvalho, 

The following games exist for a long time. Back on the 90s/2000s you could see in any place you would go in Brasil where there was a goal or anything alike, a whole bunch of kids (including myself) and teens playing these games for fun. Little did we know how good these games were for technical and tactical improvement. So let’s jump right in!

These games cover topics such as shot stopping, handling, distribution from hands and from feet, coming out of the line and long kicks.

Game 1 – Goalie wars
That’s no big novelty for most coaches. After spending a few seasons working in the U.S.A I got to witness that this was no Brazilian exclusivity.

Usually played in a 1v1, when one player is shooting the other one is protecting their net. Adapt the size of the pitch and nets according to your players ability, height and strength.

Game 2 – Top goalscorer
Played on a 2v2, this one can be hard for young and less skilled and/or strong players. Just like game 1, the size of the pitch must be adapted to the group according to their specificities.

It consists on each double having a GK and a striker on the opposite half of the field. When the GK has the ball they must kick it or throw it to their striker in order to score on the opposite goal. The challenge here is to pass the ball without it being intercepted by the opponent’s striker. If the ball goes clear to the striker, they must score with two touches max and from out of the box. If the ball deflects on the opponents striker they get an extra touch.

If the striker scores, they must swap positions (GK becomes striker, striker becomes GK).

Game 3 - The Rebatida
This one has multiple versions across the country with small differences on the rules. I’ll use the one I remember and use the most with my players.

Also played in a 2v2, this one starts with the defending team having two goalkeepers and the attacking team starts with one player having a free kick from a set spot and the 2nd player positioned on the goal line right next to the goal, ready for a possible rebound. If there is a rebound or a corner kick, one of the GKs becomes a defender and a 2v1+GK starts right away.

Each attacker has 3 free kicks. Play is over if a goal is scored or GKs hold the ball. One team takes all 6 free kicks first and then teams swap roles.

Pointing rules:
Score from free kick = 1 point
Score from a GK rebound = 2 points
Score from a corner kick = 3 points
Ball hits post + Score = 4 points
Ball hits crossbar + Score = 5 points
Ball hits crossbar corner + Score = 10 points

Game 4 – Three in, three out
On this one you can have as many players as you would like and one in goal as a GK. I recommend no more than five players total involved to avoid boredom and players standing unmotivated.

Set a GK box of an adequate size according to your group. Have one GK in goal and all the other players are going to be attackers spread out on the outside of this box. One attacker must lift the ball so a second attacker scores from a volley or a header. All shots must be taken from out of this GK box.

If attackers score three goals first, the GK gets a punishment. If the attackers finish the ball wide three times first, the last one to finish is the next GK. If the GK saves the ball and holds it, the attacker who just finished gets punished and is the next GK.

By Danny Carvalho, DOC at Corinthians Campinas Youth Club,  Brasil

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