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Attacking a Compact Defense Videos

Are compact, wall like defenses frustrating your attack and stopping you from scoring? Discover how the elite teams smash through the most stubborn of defenses in this special video series

Finally, a way through on goal! Attacking a Compact Defense is a 12 part video series which analyzes how elite sides like Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan are able to get the ball into the box and score goals in abundance. Every video features expert commentary which explains how they buildup their attack and how you can harness their tactics in your own side to break and create more goal scoring opportunities.

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When the opposition decides to 'park the team bus' in front of goal, and defend deep in their own half, it can seem as though there’s no way through. With no space to move into, you can find yourself taking endless potshots from distance, with little chance of scoring. But compact defenses don’t deter elite sides or stop them from creating chances. If anything, a packed defense can become an advantage when you know how to exploit it.

Now you can discover how the elite sides break down compact defenses in this highly focused video series. Attacking a Compact Defense features 12 videos and an eBook which provide a tactical analysis using real game footage of how elite sides and players break through stubborn defenses and score goals in abundance. This includes a look at the dribbling style of Ribery and Robben, how Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund harness the width to create chances and how Inter Milan patiently wait for an opening.

In addition, Attacking a Compact Defense provides functional skills dribbling exercises, an example of a small sided game and a free eBook so you can replicate the skills you watch in the videos on the training pitch. So if your team is struggling to breakthrough stubborn backlines, discover how the elite sides smash through and win more games.

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