An All Inclusive Warm-Up

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity is a warm up drill working on dribbling, passing, receiving and vision.

Start with a circle with a 20 yard diameter (you can use the center circle for this).  Put 4 cones in the middle around 4 yards apart and surround the circle with players.

One player starts with a ball and dribbles to the middle and then passes to another player.

That player then sprints to an open spot in the circle and the player with the ball then does does the same thing

This continues for a minute or two.

Next add a second ball.  Now there are 2 players dribbling at the same time so now they have to make sure not to dribble into each other.  They also have to make sure not to pass to the same player or to run to the same spot.

Once they get accustomed to this you can add a third ball (make sure there are enough players as you would need a MINIMUM of 4 players per ball).

There are many variations you can use with this activity and to see more please check out the DVD Tactics and Drills for Passing and Possession.

Have a great day!


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