Winning Soccer Tactics eBook

Winning Soccer Tactics eBook

If you enjoyed Euro 2012, you’ll love this! Winning Soccer Tactics provides a tactical analysis of every single game. Discover the tactics behind every team and the playing styles that now dominate international European soccer.

Hot off the press! This special book takes an in-depth look at Euro 2012 and the tactics, styles of play and mindsets of Europe’s national teams and coaches. Winning Soccer Tactics analyses every game to highlight the counter attacking moves that exposed weak defenses, the benefits of a fluid front line and how substance can defeat style. This book analyzes these trends and the many other coaching lessons revealed in the Euro 2012 tournament.

Soccer is constantly evolving. This was for all to see at the Euro 2012 tournament. The upsets and surprising results marked how teams are learning to curb the attacking flair of opposition through defensive, regimented and functional styles of play. Russia, for example, were potential contenders. They won many fans at the start of the tournament for their attacking style and expansive passing However, their lack of defensive organization for the sake of attack led to them being knocked out at the group stage. And they weren’t the only team to struggle against a well organized, regimented team.

Winning Soccer Tactics: A look at the tactics of every Euro 2012 game plus practical methods to teach them analyses the reasons for Russia’s early flight home along with all the other valuable coaching lessons on view at Euro 2012. Every single game is analyzed one by one to explain the tactics and styles of play that enabled teams to progress, and the weakness that led to others dropping out. In addition, every chapter features soccer drills for coaching your team in the playing style and tactics that were victorious in each game.

Whether you watched Euro 2012 avidly, just saw a few games or missed the entire tournament, Winning Soccer Tactics is packed with insights you can use to enrich your coaching knowledge. From its analysis of some of the world’s best players, coaches and teams, you will discover how substance and a regimented defense can curb and defeat superior opposition.

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