WCC Video Library (Monthly Subscription)

WCC Video Library (Monthly Subscription)

"Gain access to 500+ Videos of Soccer Drills You Can Use to Make Every Training Session More Invigorating, Enjoyable and Effective"

NEW VIDEOS ADDED EVERY WEEK!  From simple technical drills on turning, shooting and tackling right through to advanced soccer drills for improving the speed of play, set pieces and high pressure defending at the absolute highest level, EVERY soccer coach can gain new ideas and improve their coaching knowledge from this vast collection.

Are you struggling for new ideas on how you can improve soccer coaching sessions? Are your players bored of running around cones and doing the same old soccer drills? Are you stuck for inspiration on how to make every session more invigorating and productive so you can take your team to the next level?

WORLD CLASS COACHING now offers you the opportunity to get an inside view of training sessions run by some of the world’s top coaches. You will be able to get new ideas and see the very latest innovative soccer drill techniques in action as they are used by some of the world's biggest clubs.

Since 1998 WORLD CLASS COACHING has been amassing a massive Video Library of soccer drills and soccer coaching exercises. This video library is now available to you online so you can get new soccer drill ideas and insight at your fingertips.

The library comprises of over 400 videos and is updated every month with new material on the latest innovative approaches to specialized conditioning, technical and tactical training methods and much more. Whether you coach recreational teams or teams playing at the highest level, there is an abundance of new ideas for soccer drills and training tactics you can gain from this comprehensive collection.

For convenience, your membership to the WCC Video Library will be automatically renewed at the end of your subscription period, unless you notify us otherwise. There are no other charges or hidden fees. As soon as you subscribe, we will send you an email with your member ID and password so that you will have instant access within minutes.

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