The Art of Counter Attacking Videos

The Art of Counter Attacking Videos

Discover how to harness the counter attacking tactics of elite teams and turn every defensive phase into the prelude for an attempt on goal

Finally it’s here, a complete package of resources on counter attacking! Comprising of a 10-part video series and book, The Art of Counter Attacking provides expert analysis on how the elite teams score on the counter attack and how you can harness their tactics into your own training and strategy.

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Do you ever watch the elite teams performing smooth, silky counter attacking moves, where players have an almost psychic awareness of where to play the ball, and dream of replicating it in your own side? But have you always thought that your team isn’t skilled enough or just not that lucky? The good news is that it can be achieved without exceptional technical talent – all it takes is having the right tactics. Successful counter attacking relies on players knowing how to position themselves and where they need to be to get the ball up the pitch and into the opposition’s net.

The Art of Counter Attacking is a video series that shows you exactly how to train your team to counter attack like the elite teams. Featuring real game footage expert commentary analysis and demonstration diagrams, The Art of Counter Attacking demonstrates how to perform counter attacks that slice through the midfield and outwit compact defenses. The tactics covered include inswinging long balls, speed dribbling, bounce passes, through balls and how to build counter attacks from every third of the pitch.

The-Art-of-Counter-Attacking-book-sidexside-500In addition, The Art of Counter Attacking also has an accompanying book. This discusses all the key concepts in more depth along with how coaches can create counter attacking training sessions and a series of drills for putting theory into practice.

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