Technical Practices of the Pros - Printed

Technical Practices of the Pros - Printed

Technical Practices of the Pros - Printed
Technical Practices of the Pros is taken from material first published in the 2006 and 2007 issues of the WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine.

The WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine is the only publication in the world that publishes the training sessions of the world's top teams and coaches. It is regarded as the authoritative publication of choice for soccer coaches worldwide with thousands of coaches from over 60 countries subscribing to this bi-monthly magazine.

This book contains practices that focus on individual skills and technique from English Premier League teams and their Academies like Manchester United and Chelsea. Also included are sessions from Canadian and Welsh National Teams, and top clubs like Aston Villa F.C., Glasgow Celtic, Millwall F.C., Inter Milan, River Plate, AS Monaco and Valencia C.F. These, plus sessions from Robe Gale, Frans Hoek, Glen Myernick, and conditioning sessions from Scott Moody with the Center for Athletic Performance make this book a must have for any serious soccer coach.

Topics include: Running with the Ball, Possession and Speed of Play, Flank Play, Reacting to the Next Ball, Change of direction Technique, 1 v 1 Practices, Creating Space and Possession, When to Pass and When to Dribble and many other practices. Every practice is listed by topic and page number in the Table of Contents so that you can quickly go to the one that you need to use with your team.

Each practice includes a detailed explanation and is accompanied with easy-to-read diagrams to make this book the perfect reference for any level of coach.

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