Team Zonal Defending Videos

Team Zonal Defending Videos

Stop conceding stupid goals…Discover how to plug the gaps and work together as a team and build a defensive powerhouse

For leaking defenses everywhere, your solution has arrived! Team Zonal Defending provides an in-depth look at organizing your back four, midfielders and forwards for total team defending.

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In Team Zonal Defending, University of Nebraska Women’s Head Coach, John Walker, provides an in-depth look at training the back four defenders in all aspects of zonal defending. Exercises are set up to work on sliding side to side, staying compact as a group, recognizing the “Drop Distance”, recovery runs, defending counter-attacks, interceptions, defending wing attacks and many other important aspects of zonal defending.

The exercises progress to include midfielders and then on to an 11v11 situation. These videos contains exercises and progressions that will help you teach your players all aspects of zonal defending.

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