Soccer Conditioning Monthly $1 First Month

Soccer Conditioning Monthly $1 First Month

New Cutting Edge Soccer Conditioning Sessions and Drills Delivered Every Month for Improving the Strength, Speed and Agility of Your Players

TRY FOR JUST $1 FOR THE FIRST MONTH.  Finally, a course focused on soccer specific conditioning has arrived! Soccer Conditioning Monthly provides you articles and videos every month with new drills and exercises to improve your team's physical fitness so they can run harder for longer every game. With new drills delivered each and every month, Soccer Conditioning Monthly bridges the gap between soccer training and on-field performance and does all your conditioning planning for you.

Are your players struggling for breath by the end of the game? Are they unable to make darting runs into the box or strong enough to hold off the opponent’s attacks? Well, help has arrived because this special monthly soccer conditioning series provides everything you need to improve your team’s conditioning.

Soccer Conditioning Monthly is a subscription based training course that shows you how to plan and run training sessions that will improve your players’ strength, speed and agility. Comprising of articles in a print-and-go format and instructional video clips, Soccer Conditioning Monthly shows you step-by-step how to run new drills and training exercises that will develop your players into high performing athletes.  Subscribe now and you will have your first issue within minutes.

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