Scoring Goals from Set Plays Vol 2

Scoring Goals from Set Plays Vol 2

Scoring Goals From Set Plays Vol 2

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • A look at the various types of set plays and how to take advantage of them
  • Interesting data from set plays in the English Premier League
  • An in-depth look at free kicks from various distances
  • How to take advantage of long free kicks by putting them into the penalty area
  • Why it's crucial to have set plays set up when close to goal
  • How to score goals from winning the second ball from long free kicks

There are lots of statistics out there that show how many goals are scored from set plays.  But whatever list or chart you find, one thing will always become apparent...set plays are a critical part of the success of any team.

For instance, eight teams in the English Premier League scored more than 20% of their goals directly as a result of a set play, with two teams scoring over 30% of their goals from set plays.

Obviously you need spend the majority of your time on the training field working on technical and tactical aspects of the game, especially with younger players.  But if you don't put in even a small amount of time getting your team organized for various types of set play opportunities, you are missing out.

Scoring Goals from Set Plays Vol 2 focuses on set plays from the center, just outside the penalty area and longer set plays from the defending third, middle third and attacking third. 

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