Positional Play

Positional Play

Positional Play

The Systems and Tactics of Great Teams

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • An explanation of how positional play is a combination of your tactics and style of play
  • Rondos that can be used in your training sessions that will really help your players understand space and positioning
  • A look at some of the tactics and style of play of some of the world's best ever teams, like Ajax and Barcelona
  • The relationship between players, positions and spaces
  • How to take advantage of space and how to create space
  • How build up from the back regardless of your formation and your style of play

Soccer is not an exact game. There is no single exact recipe to follow where everything will go fine with your team winning all of their games.

So once you have decided on your system and style of play you want for your team, Positional Play is a guide that will help your players understand their roles and responsibilities with in that style and system. It will explain how you can teach series of movements and occupation of spaces. These movements and spaces have variables such as, field position, ball position, and the position of your teammates and the opposition.

This eBook combines the tactics of your system of play along with the style of play you want for your team. By taking a look at the systems and tactics of some of the world's greatest ever teams, this guide shows you methods of teaching this to your players.

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