Marcelo Bielsa Defending

Marcelo Bielsa Defending

Marcelo Bielsa

Here is what you will find in this guide:

Why Pep Guardiola and others think Marcelo Bielsa is the best coach in the world

  • A look at the tactical preparation Bielsa does for each game and each season
  • A breakdown of the defending principles Bielsa uses at Leeds United
  • An in-depth look at the high pressure defending tactics used by Bielsa
  • How they transition to a defensive shape if their high pressure is broken
  • How they overload areas of the field and cut of passing lanes

Pep Guardiola said this about Marcelo Bielsa - "My admiration for Marcelo Bielsa is huge. He's the best coach in the world."

Marcelo Bielsa has been successful and won championships wherever he has coached, whether it is with the Argentinian National Team or Athletico Bilbao of La Liga.

This eBook takes a look what makes Bielsa such a highly respected and successful coach and breaks down the defending tactics he uses and specifically has used at Leeds United.

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