Legendary 1v1 Moves

Legendary 1v1 Moves

Give your players the confidence and technical ability to win more 1v1 situations and score more goals with this special 15 part video series focused on the art of winning the 1v1

A training series every flair player dreams of! Legendary 1v1 Moves is a unique video collection focused on the technical art of winning 1v1 situations. The 15 videos show you exactly how to coach players to perform fake shots, Maradona Turns, Spin Cruyffs and much more. Give your players the confidence and skills to beat more defenders and score more goals through perfecting the art of winning 1v1 situations.

Do your players struggle to win 1v1 situations? Do they panic when they find themselves on goal with just a defender to beat? The fact is that no matter how smooth your passing, your players will inevitably find themselves in 1v1 situations which can decide the game. Whether it is running the ball down the wings or getting past defenders in the box, providing your players with the confidence and the technical ability to get past their opponents can give you a decisive edge.

If you want to improve your players' 1v1 ability, Legendary 1v1 Moves shows you how. This special video series covers 15 effective 1v1 moves used by legendary players to get past defenders and through on goal. This includes the Fake Shot, Puskas, Pull Back & Play, Maradona Turn, Rivelino, Swivel Stepover, Scissors, Matthews, Swivel/Swivel, TapNPlay, Stop Hop & Roll, Cruyff Turn, Spin Cruyff, Touch Hop/Scissors and the Ronaldinho.

Through practicing these legendary moves your players will be able to imitate the silky skills of players like Ronaldo, Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Zidane and Ronaldinho to create more goal scoring opporunities. So give your players the skills they need to win more 1v1 situations by providing them with the coaching to be found in Legendary 1v1 Moves.  Get instant access to these videos right now.

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