High Pressure Team Defending Videos

High Pressure Team Defending Videos

Train Your Team To Defend With High Pressure and Win Possession in the Attacking Third of the Field, just like Barcelona and Other Top Teams

Win More Games! This special video series runs you through a functional training session by former EPL coach, Mick Hennigan. See how Hennigan trains a group of players to defend as a team and press the opponents into turning the ball over and regain possession.

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Does your team play well when in possession of the ball? Do you sometimes have the bulk of possession and outplay your opposition...YET YOU DON'T WIN AS MANY GAMES AS YOU SHOULD? If so, this special video series provides a functional training session you can use with your team to train them to win possession quickly and higher up the field and thus create more goal chances.

High Pressure Team Defending consists of THREE videos that provides you with a complete functional training session by former Leeds United title winning coach, Mick Hennigan. Filmed at the Football Coaches International Coaches Conference in Brisbane, Australia, watch how Hennigan trains players to work as a team with the same type of high pressure defense that Barcelona have used to become the world's number one team. Get instant access when you place your order and you can be watching these videos within minutes.

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