Full Season Conditioning Program - Printed

Full Season Conditioning Program - Printed

Full Season Conditioning Program - Printed
Full Season Conditioning Program contains soccer specific conditioning workouts that you can incorporate into regular training sessions or do as part of a separate strength, speed and agility program. Following this program will increase the Speed, Agility and Strength of your team while also helping to Prevent Future Injuries.

The book is organized into two separate sections. In the first section, all of the drills and exercises are explained. These include Warm-up, Strength Exercises, Quick Foot Drills, Medicine Ball Drills, Band Resisted Movement Stabilization, Ball Based Transition to Practice, Conditioning, Ball Agility and a Cool Down routine. The second part of the book outlines an 11 week training program giving a specific number of sets and repetitions for each exercise organized in an efficient and effective way that will maximize the development of your players.

Full Season Conditioning Program is authored by Scott Moody. Moody founded Centers for Athletic Performance, Inc. (CAP), a 5,000 sq ft facility where he has implemented speed, power, strength, and stability based programs for athletes of all ages and sports.

Over the last few years CAP has seen over 2000 athletes, including many top level soccer players in their training programs. CAP trained athletes are among the best in the region: from standouts at the club, high school and college level to All-Americans, National Champions, and World Record Holders, CAP athletes catch the attention of all who witness them in competition.

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